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The best marketing of all is a happy client

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The best marketing of all is a happy client

The world of marketing has changed significantly since the development of the internet and dominance of digital marketing. The way in which consumers consume media, advertising and make buying decisions has evolved, which means your marketing needs to evolve as well.

Online reviews can often be one of the most powerful marketing strategies for your business (providing your clients are happy, that is).

Now, more than ever, your potential customers trust the opinions of complete strangers and they can access those opinions 24/7 from anywhere in the world. So, yeah… online reviews a

You don’t have to scroll on a news feed for long to see a number of examples where friends are sharing a great new cleaning product they have discovered, or a hip new café they love. Consumer advocacy is a HUGE strategic opportunity for businesses and you simply can’t afford to miss out. You need to make your customers become advocates for your product/business and your will reap the rewards for your efforts… trust us. Let’s pretend one faithful customer tells three of their friends about your business, who tell three of their friends and so on. All of a sudden you have created a network of satisfied and loyal customers who will advocate for you, without costing you fortune. All you have to do? Be good at what you do, and come up with a way to incentivize your customers to tell everyone how great you are. The hard work is done for you! Do not underestimate the power of online reviews.

You might be thinking, but why would my customers bother to review? How can I make sure that they see the value in telling people about my business?

Keep an eye out for another post shortly that will explain all of this is detail. How to turn your customers into advocates?

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