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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Do you charge per hour or by project?

We understand that no two clients are the same. We custom quote for every project to help you kick start your business journey without blowing your budget. It can be nerve-wracking taking that leap of faith and start a new business, that’s why we pride ourselves on providing our clients with achievable and effective business and branding solutions within their budget. The Vault team can offer pricing on a per project basis or from a consulting basis where we can mentor your internal team and invoice per hour for our time. Get in touch to request a no obligation free quote and start your business project with us.

02 I'm new to this! How does your design process work?

So you’ve decided on a business idea, have a plan of attack moving forward but first, you need a logo or some marketing… or maybe just some advice. Where to begin?! We have got you covered. Join us for a coffee, tell us what you need and we will take care of the rest. Take a look at our 7-steps to success to get you started or contact us.

03 I've paid for the artwork, why don't I receive the working files?

You know that delicious restaurant you go to, with the amazing food that you would just love to make at home for yourself? Maybe you’re thinking of the 11 secret herbs and spices of KFC chicken (we know we are…). Well, the truth is, the Colonel doesn’t share his recipe… and we also can’t share ours.

Our working files are the recipe of our business. Think of a final design file as the dish at the restaurant and the working files, the recipe. A whole lot of effort, preparation, techniques and trade secrets… joking (we wish it was that cool), go into making that final design. For this reason, we can’t share our secret ingredients with the world (just like we know that the Colonel can’t share his).

04 What format will my finalised artwork be presented in and how will I receive it once I’ve signed off?

Final Design artwork will be provided to the client in a number of high resolution, print ready formats. These formats include: .eps, jpg, png and pdf. These files will be shared and available easily via the online file sharing platform, Dropbox.

05 What is the normal turnaround time for logo projects?

In general, logo projects generally take 3 weeks to complete from acceptance of quote (not including client revision time). This 3-week time frame includes the research and development of mood boards and initial logo concept development.

06 I need a project completed ASAP, can you help?

Of course! We are happy to assist clients on quick turnaround projects. Let us know your preference, deadline and we’ll get cracking!

07 But I own a computer and Microsoft Word, why do I need your help?

You’re right, anyone can own and use a computer these days. However, Business 101: to succeed, you need to be different and stand out from the crowd. Anyone can use Microsoft Word to market a business, you need to be more, do more!

With the expansion of digital marketing, the world is competing for attention 24/7. You need to make sure that you are giving your business the best chance to break through the pollution and stand out on its own. That’s where our strategic, professional and complete design and marketing services come in.

08 I know I need your help but I don’t really know how much help I need and for how long?

Fear not! The best part about creating a partnership with Vault Creative is that we are contractors, meaning we can work with you on one project or twelve projects, or you can engage us to act as consultants to your internal team ad hoc. We can offer advice and guidance around strategic directions for your business branding and marketing. We can also come to your office for just a single day and work with your directors or team on how to best achieve your marketing and design goals. So whatever you need, for however long, we are here to help.

09 Business is busy at the moment so I don’t have to worry about marketing yet… right?

Wrong… sorry to tell you. We hear this all too often from clients. Marketing is not something that you can just decide to implement one day and see results the next (despite what many may promise…). So, there is never a time when your business doesn’t need to be marketing in one way or another. You may shift your marketing budget depending on the time of year, business circumstances etc. but to be truly successful and have worthwhile marketing, it needs to exist in some capacity, at all times. While you may be busy now, tomorrow you may not be. Let us work with you to establish a sustainable marketing campaign that will hold you in good stead all year round, despite how busy you may be right now. As a business, you need to be in the hearts and minds (and eyes) of your customers as much as possible.